Wissame Cherfi is a producer, director, podcaster and author with an expertise of + 10 years in the field of audiovisual production. Ten years that he now uses as a Freelance Creative Consultant to help clients on all types of creative projects. « La musique qui vient de mon cœur » (2022, French language) is his first book.

Letting go of the things we cannot control.

A hand in a field grabs a red balloon and does not want to let it go.
Temps de lecture — 4 minutes. We all have things in our lives that we wish we could change or control. Whether it's a difficult relationship, a job we dislike, or a health condition, it can be hard to let go of the desire to have things be different. But the truth is, there are many things in life that we simply cannot control. The key to finding peace and happiness is learning how to let go of these things and focus on what we can control.

How to raise a confident and resilient child.

Temps de lecture — 3 minutes. I've been a quitter my entire life. Almost, to be fair. When things got hard, I found it easier to quit instead of getting around problems. I missed on a lot of opportunities. But the most difficult things was to live with the idea that I was not reaching full potential. Deep inside, I knew I was talented for something. In fact, I knew to my bones that I was for multiple things. I overcame this problem quite some time ago now. So when I became a father, I naturally decided that I wanted to instill in my child a type of education that will not make him a quitter. Here are a couple of thoughts and tips I've developed along the way.

How did we meet ?

Temps de lecture — 3 minutes. I know. From this utterly cheesy title, you think it is all about romance and stuff. Not at all. Sorry, romantic people. Not today ! Well, to be honest, it is about a romantic…

It’s coming.

Temps de lecture — 2 minutes. One morning, my wife and I were talking in the living room while our son was still asleep. Suddenly, the movements we hear in the bedroom are like hints. She looks in the direction…

The Time Stealers.

Temps de lecture — 3 minutes. No police in the world can arrest them. No prosecutor, no judge, no magistrate can convict them. So much so that they have become the hyper-powerful people of modern times, so much so that…

The movement is contagious.

Temps de lecture — < 1 minute. The world of watchmaking is divided. For some, a watch is a simple everyday object whose primary function is to tell the time. For others, it is a unique and exceptional work of…

Love people. Use things.

Temps de lecture — 3 minutes. There is a misconception about people who declare not to be attached to things. Some think that, by being detached to things, they have managed to detached themselves from other people. They think that…