Do everything to win. Do everything not to lose.

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The difference is subtle. Barely perceptible. Yet the consequences can be diametrically opposed. On the one hand, there is the one who “does everything to win”, who fights as if he had nothing to lose. On the other hand, there is his defensive counterpart. He wants to preserve what he has at all costs and keep his slight advantage or his immense treasure. The one wants to obtain what the other has of more expensive. While the other thinks only of defending it. Is bending like a reed without breaking preferable to attacking? What is the best strategy?


Wissame Cherfi is a producer, director, podcaster and author with an expertise of + 10 years in the field of audiovisual production. Ten years that he now uses as a Freelance Creative Consultant to help clients on all types of creative projects. « La musique qui vient de mon cœur » (2022, French language) is his first book.

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