Some of the videos I produced –
A look at my commercial and personal video work.
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En Mode Avion (2021)

‘En Mode Avion’ is a documentary film that tells the story of Samir during his crossing of the Pyrenees on the legendary GR10 route. More than a sporting feat, this film tackles important themes: our relationship to nature, to oneself, to others, in the place of spirituality in a life where everything goes too fast.


It is a call to question our urban lifestyles that are ultimately unnatural, an invitation to travel and to discover the senses. On his way, Samir meets several times, including the one with Didier also a solitary walker. Over the kilometers, they forge a strong friendship, get to know each other and become real brothers on the road.

Category: Documentary
Production Company: Disruptive
Director/Editor: Mehdi Ouldsaad
Producer: Wissame Cherfi
Colorist: Yusuf Nabi

Fabriqué En Chine (2016)

‘Fabriqué en Chine’ (translated ‘Made In China’ in English) is a short documentary introducing Joseph Farrugia, one of the two last shoemakers still active in Malta. ‘Joe’ has been in the business for over 40 years, but he belongs to a generation of makers that are endangered by the worldwide profusion of ‘Made In China’ so he started a passive fight against extreme consumerism.

Category: Documentary
Production Company: WCF
Director/DOP/Editor: Wissame Cherfi

Louis Copeland & Sons (2017)

Louis Copeland & Sons and I collaborated on their fashion campaign video. It was filmed in Barcelona, Spain at the Olympic Swimming Pool of Montjuic with the idea to contrast the location with the outfits of the model. The entire video was filmed in one day and the editing took three days, between logging, editing, color correcting/grading and also export three different versions with different CTAs.

Client: Louis Copeland & Sons
Category: Fashion Campaign Video
Production Company: Louis Copeland & Sons
Director/DOP/Editor: Wissame Cherfi

Never Never Never Give Up (2015)

Jean Cristian is a 24 years old Brazilian who arrived in Ireland with no English and a very simple dream: to make his life and the life of his family better. In this portrait of the young musician, we question family relationships when living 9,500 km away, self-motivation, the importance of role models in the life of a young man and of course, the importance of music in his life. 
Client: Dublin’s Culture Connects 
Category: Documentary
Production Company: DCC
Director/DOP/Editor: Wissame Cherfi

The Only Barrier Is In Your Mind (2015)

For most people, to dress every day is just a normal morning routine. For Lawson, this is much more than just wearing some materials on his body. He considers it the ‘reflection of his personality’.  When collaborating on this video, I wanted to know ‘the reason why he was doing what he does’ and I also wanted to discover the man behind the character. This video portrait is the result of our collaboration in order to create a compelling video with a cinematic touch.

Client: Laws Of Style
Category: Branding Video
Production Company: WCF
Director/DOP/Editor: Wissame Cherfi

The Outsiders (2015)

How much is food important in your life? For Eliza, Evie and Cillian, food is their life. The creators of the Outsiders Collective are business partners but firstly great friends. They have one mission, share their love and passion for the most. In this brand video, we talk about their friendship, love for food and passion for local food following their journey through the Irish countryside.
Client: The Outsiders
Category: Branding Video
Production Company: WCF
Director/DOP/Editor: Wissame Cherfi

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