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La musique qui vient
de mon cœur

After two years of writing, I published the most accomplished project of all. From idea conception to writing, cover design, and publication strategy, I handled everything from A to Z. It is often said that the shoemaker’s children are the worst shod. However, the results are rather good, whether in terms of story views, real views, private message interactions, or sales conversions. The book has just passed the 15 reviews mark on Amazon, most of which are from people I don’t know. As a personal project and being limited by time, I opted for a unique social media campaign (Facebook, Instagram, and slightly on LinkedIn) over a period of 2 months. I also wanted to increase my conversion rate and newsletter sign-ups, which I did.

60 days

of active campaigns on social medias


of new subscribers during this campaign


in sales during the period of the campaign

Dublin You Are

In the running for the 2020 European Capital of Culture election, the marketing department of the city of Dublin approached me to conceptualize a closing video for their campaign. That’s how the “We Are Dublin” concept was born. From an exchange with Stephen James Smith, then with other creatives I wanted to work with, we focused on a concept around Stephen’s poem. From writing to shooting, editing and graphic effects, we were a team of about 10 people. My main role for this project, worth tens of thousands of euros, was as project manager.

As soon as it was posted online, views and reactions accumulated, causing national radio, television and newspapers to desire to speak about the project. The digital wave also spread to countries where many Irish people live. The set goals were widely exceeded in less time than our most optimistic predictions, rallying an entire city and nation behind the candidacy of the Irish capital.


cumulated on the different platforms


client’s social media follower acquisition.

10 personnes

people worked actively on this project

Louis Copeland & Sons

Louis Copeland & Sons and I collaborated on their advertising campaign. It was filmed in Barcelona, Spain, at the beautiful location of the Montjuic Olympic Pool. The main idea was to highlight summer colors, the scenery, and contrast it with the location and music. The entire video was shot in one day, and the editing process took three days, including selecting the footage, editing, color grading, and exporting three different versions with different CTAs.

Fabriqué En Chine

The encounter with Joe Faruggia is a story in itself. Our meeting is one of the most beautiful, humanly speaking, that I have had the opportunity to experience. Nothing was planned. Neither the documentary nor the enthusiasm that would be generated by the video’s publication later on. When he explains to me that he is one of the last two shoemakers in Malta still in business, I make the decision to convey a strong message that is close to my heart. Filmed in just a few hours, it is a personal project that will truly take shape during editing. The writing of the voice-over becomes the guiding thread and then, with no pressure regarding the publication deadlines, I wanted to push the concepts to the maximum. The result is an ode to craftsmen who, like Joe, are becoming extinct.


En Mode Avion

“En Mode Avion” is a documentary film that was crowdfunded by its audience. Mehdi (the director) and I worked together on a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. We used all the content strategy techniques that we had previously implemented for our clients and it worked. The project was funded at 109%, exceeding the €23,000 goal we had set. The people who participated in the film’s funding were mostly acquired through our digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as by contacting the press services of major French newspapers.


of the initial target was reached on



30 jours

of active campaign on social medias

Never Never Never Give Up

ean Cristian is a 24-year-old Brazilian who arrived in Ireland without speaking a word of English, with a very simple dream: to improve his life and that of his family. In this portrait of the young musician, we explore family relationships when living 9,500 km away from loved ones, personal motivation, the importance of role models in a young man’s life, and of course, the significance of music in his life.

The Only Barrier
is in Your Mind

For most of us, getting dressed every day is just a normal morning routine. But for Lawson, it’s much more than that – he sees it as a reflection of his personality. Collaborating with him on this video, I wanted to know “why he does what he does” and I also wanted to discover the man behind the character. This video portrait is the result of that collaboration – a personal video with a cinematic touch.

The Outsiders

In what way is food important in your life? For Eliza, Evie, and Cillian, food is their life. The creators of the Outsiders Collective are business partners, but first and foremost, great friends. They have a mission, to share their love and passion for good food. In this video, we talk about their friendship, their love for food, their passion for local cuisine, and their culinary discoveries during their travels through the Irish countryside.

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