The Thing that Follows Me by Wissame Cherfi (free eBook) - Wissame Cherfi
La Chose Qui Me Suit est mon premier eBook pour enfant racontant l'histoire de Zakaria, qui
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My son and I have a game. When we are on the bus, shopping or even at home, I ask him to give me key words and in only a few seconds, I have to imagine a story to tell him. A great creative workout for me. A unique and captivating stories for him.
This short story is called ‘The Thing That Follows Me’, I have never told him this one. Well, not yet…

This short format story is about a little boy who, overnight, feels something is following him and he does everything to get rid of it.

I’ll let you unlock the download below of the ebook in French, Polish, English and Arabic.

1. Enter your name and email address in the form below
2. Click on ‘Débloquer/Unlock’
A button ‘Download (1,9MB)’ appears, click on it to download the file.

My first attempt to self-publishing was a real adventure.

I had gone on a more ambitious self-published project, a longer form print book, hiring a pro illustrator and also a pre-sale on Amazon before Christmas 2019.

Unfortunately, this could not be done this way for many reasons…

Never mind, this project could have gone to oblivion, ending up on the pile of many projects started and never completed but not this one – impossible!
This is how ‘The Thing Who Follows Me‘ was born.

I’m not giving up the idea of ​​self-publishing my children’s stories, it is quite the opposite to be honest. This small obstacle must not block the realization of this project…
That’s why it is now available for free. I am also writing other children’s bedtime stories, I will keep you posted by email.

See you soon!