A children story, told by adults.

My son and I have a game. When we are on the bus, shopping or even at home, I ask him to give me keywords and in only a few seconds, I have to imagine a story to tell him. A great creative workout for me. A unique and captivating stories for him. This short story is called ‘The Thing That Follows Me’.

This short format story is about a little boy who, overnight, feels something is following him and he does everything to get rid of it.

You can now download it for free. In English and in French.

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My first attempt to self-publishing was a real adventure.

The initial project was more ambitious. Much more. A little too much perhaps… A long format printed book. Accompanied by illustrations made in collaboration with a professional illustrator. And a release on Amazon before Christmas 2019. Unfortunately, it could not be done as I would have liked.

No matter, this project could have gone to oblivion and ended up on the pile of many projects started, but never finished. But no, impossible. Not this one. I wanted to take up the challenge. This is how ‘The Thing That Follows Me’ was born. Enjoy reading it! And don’t hesitate to tell me by email what your children thought of the story.