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Ordinary people do extraordinary things every day. My creative content is created to introduce some of them to you, one conversation at a time.
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Every day ordinary people transform their lives into an extraordinary adventure. These people take actions to get closer to the life they always dreamed of. Facing Doubt tries to identify the common patterns of all these people through conversations.


Facing Doubt is available on all the main platforms Google PodcastsApple Podcasts,  SpotifyStitcherSimplecast.

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I am Wissame Cherfi, and I am a producer, a podcast host and a writer. As I turned 30, I battled two cancers that cost me weeks in hospital, messy operations and intense cycles of chemotherapy while going through parenting for the first time. These challenges have transformed me, shaped me but probably more interestingly, they brought peace onto my life.

With my content, I take you into the mind of a man who claims to be imperfect, a notorious serial pessimist, who has a lot to share with you about his transformation. Don’t get me wrong but in here, no self-victimization or gloomy articles. I tell things as they are and not as I would like them to be. They’re just wrapped up in a narrative style that I love.


You never know, maybe what you are going to find out will be useful to you. If so, let me know.

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The icebreaker is this boat that roams the seas and ice-covered waters to pave the way for merchant ships, making the crossing paths safer. That’s also the way I feel with my content. I want to open ways for people to reflect and put their ideas into actions. Uncommonly good and short emails sent a couple of times per year about subjects I research for based on habits, productivity, human psychology and self-help. You can check the archives of the emails I have sent in the past to get a feel for them.

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