It’s coming.

Temps de lecture — 2 minutes.

One morning, my wife and I were talking in the living room while our son was still asleep. Suddenly, the movements we hear in the bedroom are like hints. She looks in the direction of the hall leading to the bedroom and says : “It’s coming”. What a beautiful way to describe the wake of our own son, isn’t it? “It’s coming”. Like a heavy storm heading towards us with threatening dark gray clouds. In so many ways, kids take us by storm. Not only in the morning. All the time. They are always full of energy when you’re not. They are always up for activities when you only wish to rest at home. So yes, “it’s coming”. But like any other storm, after it passes, calm is restored. Until the next one. 


Kids have this capacity to always be what they want to be. There are no limits for them. They imagine something and then make it happen. We all were like them? In fact, we are all still like them. Deep inside us. Why do we lose this trait when we grow up? That’s probably the main thing we can learn from kids: how to unlearn and undo things to be more like them? To get closer to whom we really are deep inside. 

I have been a father since 2017, and I can proudly say that I haven’t taught my son anything. He taught me it all. Patience. Perseverance. Kindness. Positivity. Unconditional love. What if these daily storms are happening to teach us something about our own lives? And not the other way around. What if these little storms are just a way for us to be better human beings? Parenting is stressful and so joyful at times. When you are a parent, you’re one for life. So we better get used to the storms. They say they get stronger and heavier with time.




Wissame Cherfi is a producer, director, podcaster and author with an expertise of + 10 years in the field of audiovisual production. Ten years that he now uses as a Freelance Creative Consultant to help clients on all types of creative projects. « La musique qui vient de mon cœur » (2022, French language) is his first book.

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