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On dit que les expériences forgent le caractère. Je peux désormais dire que cela est vrai...
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Life is a gift. Let me explain you why.

I’m Wissame Cherfi, I’m 31 years old. I have been a director for almost 8 years and I have been a storyteller since 2012. But my love for personal stories goes back to my childhood. I spent a lot of time with older people. I loved listening to their stories.
Do you think I’m a bit young to tell you my story? Don’t be so sure.
I learned that age doesn’t mean much. Life is a gift. I explain how I discovered it.

Written by Wissame Cherfi | 5 min read

Some things can not be explained.


Since I was 15, people of different ages, backgrounds, and social backgrounds come to me and share their personal stories with me. It still happens to me today. In the bus, in the street, during events. They feel comfortable and indulge themselves easily.

It was not until 2012, when I devoted myself to videos, that I realized that I could easily associate this “gift” with my desire to tell moving stories. I even managed to do my job. Well almost…

Over the past seven years, I’ve pursued a very simple goal: to bring my love for life stories to my active listening skills to produce powerful and inspiring video content

Solid as a rock.


During the first 29 years of my life, I rarely went to the doctor, see almost never. I felt strong and indestructible.
In May 2015, I set myself a goal: ten years to make a first feature film . It was on my “bucket-list”, written in black and white.


Just one year later, in 2016, I am about to fulfill this wish. Much faster than I expected: I have two production companies, a distribution company, a company responsible for 2D animation, we also have a part of the technical team for filming. All follow me to produce an incredible story that looks like a mythological tale, mixing 2D animation and real shots. All the ingredients to make a movie come together! Even the poster was ready …


We went filming in Greece, in August 2016, the first images of what was to be a teaser to ‘attract’ TV channels and private contributors. The project was a very high anticipated budget but in my mind, nothing could stop this project. Nothing and nobody. And yet …

The most difficult period of my life.


All this preparation stopped suddenly when in March 2017, just after my return from a commercial shoot in Barcelona …
Everything rocked that day … A few hours earlier, my wife and I are at the gynecologist, history of to know if her pregnancy was going well. I can still see his little heart beat and our tears flow with joy. A few hours later, I go alone to the doctor. It is formal: I suffer from a stage 1 cancer that requires immediate and urgent care or else spread quickly to other parts of my body. I still remember the way on foot to go home … Endless … And tears flowing, anger, fear …


The documentary feature film project obviously had to be suspended for several months so that I could focus on my health protocol. After these few months of forced rest, I could not produce any written documents that really are worth anything. I had to resolve myself, I was not ready yet, I had to refocus myself and my family.

Life goes on, I resume my activity as a director in July 2017, I find new customers and then we decide to leave Ireland after 8 years, a need to change air … The exams showed new tasks at right lung level. They were stable but had to be monitored. Arriving in France, I find an oncologist who follows my file. And…


In June 2018, a report confirms the reappearance of cancer on the lungs this time. I had no choice but to do four cycles of chemotherapy (almost 4 months) and a fairly heavy operation in November 2018 to eliminate metastases and cancer residues.

The last two years have been very complicated. To be honest, I needed to focus on my family, my friends, me. I did not feel like filming anymore.



Any disease of this type makes you aware of the temporality of your existence.
This is a fact that we forget when we are under 30 and we feel invincible. This ordeal allowed me to open my eyes to some of the bad things that I needed to change in my life. My procrastination, my stress management, my limiting beliefs, some toxic relationships are the perfect example.
I am growing out of these trials, I can now say that my mind is foolproof … I am no longer sick, I am a survivor.

I lost 30 kg. I changed my eating habits, my stress management and I added a weekly exercise routine.
Life gave me a second chance I intend to enjoy it thoroughly!

My son was born in June 2017, three months after my first surgery. I was lucky to see this little man laugh fall and get up a thousand times already. He is a force of nature who, in the end, only follows his instinct. It’s good to remember that we’ve all been there too. That, despite the obstacles, we have overcome them all, one by one.


But … this is just the beginning. I intend to live a full life without worrying about what others think. I will succeed in achieving my goals, one after the other. I am intimately convinced. I will not give up.


Do you want to know what the good news is?


I still have five years to reach the goal of my 2015’s bucket list : Make a feature film in 10 years”.

In the meantime, I decided to work differently, to use all these lessons so that they can benefit the greatest number.
This new adventure is !


Thank you for having read so far the story of the submerged part of my iceberg .


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