Wissame Cherfi | Wissame Cherfi is a filmmaker and video editor based near Geneva, Switzerland.
Wissame Cherfi is a filmmaker and video editor based near Geneva, Switzerland.
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I have been a storyteller since forever.
To draw, to write, to film, to tell thus to testify.

I managed to make my job and it lasts for over 7 years now!
I accompany brands, companies and entrepreneurs in their visual communication but more importantly in all aspects of their storytelling.

I also developped an e-learning program but it is only available in for the moment
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Storytelling is the art of telling a captivating story. Not only captivating, but one that will carry your audience, immerse and overwhelm while losing sense of time and space. Rather than directing our behaviour, the story lets us witness the experience of somebody else, and in being transported into the world of that story, we have the opportunity to come to our own thoughts, beliefs, and conclusions. The story allows us to take our audience on a journey…

I understand that it is difficult to know what this process really entails. In reality, it can be simple or complex, depending on your goals and your budget. There are solutions adapted to your needs. Since 2012 I work closely with entrepreneurs, brands and companies that operate in different sectors of activity by developing visual content that fits their needs.

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Free children’s eBook!

My son and I have a game. When we are on the bus, shopping or even at home, I ask him to give me key words and in only a few seconds, I have to imagine a story to tell him. A great creative workout for me. A unique and captivating stories for him.
This short format story is about a little boy who, overnight, feels something is following him and he does everything to get rid of it.

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