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Depuis 2012, j'aide des marques et des entrepreneurs dans leur communication via mon programme d'accompagnement "The Icebreaker".
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Storytelling is the art of telling compelling stories. Not only captivating, but which will “transport your audience, immerse and overwhelm them while losing notions of time and space” as Patrick Moreau explains from Muse Storytelling .

A few years ago, I realized that the storytelling techniques that I incorporated into my videos also had an impact on my habits, my productivity and more surprisingly on my mental blockages. This article is not a magic potion, but an introduction to the art of storytelling including scientific explanations.

I was 15 and I was in my teens … I had “friends” who seemed to have a negative influence on me. And that, my father had felt for miles. So he decided to tell me a very singular story that changed my life forever – I will tell you soon in Autour Du Feu –

A few years later, I understood the power of what he had just done. Not only to this day, I remember the story by heart – he only told it once – but I remember exactly …

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