Wissame Cherfi | The Power of Storytelling | The art of captivate your audience
Since 2012, I help brands and entrepreneurs with their communication via my coaching program "The Icebreaker".
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[Release scheduled for 2020]
The program is a practical method that will help you understand the correlation between the art of storytelling and its impact on your way of thinking, acting and being. Hoping that it will allow you to undertake and realize your wildest dreams!

In the meantime, I suggest that you actively participate in its development by answering a few questions. It’s very fast, you will see!


Illustration by Rachel Sender, all rights reserved ©.

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Storytelling is the art of telling captivating stories. Not only captivating, but ones that will carry your audience, immerse it and upset it. 

Storytelling is also, in my eyes, a powerful tool to reprogram your brain and thus accomplish things that we thought were impossible.

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Illustration by Rachel Sender, all rights reserved ©.

My son and I have a game. When we’re on the bus, doing shopping or even at home, I ask him to give me keywords and I have to imagine a story to tell in a few seconds. A great creative exercise for me. Unique and captivating stories for him.

This short format is the story of a little boy who, overnight, feels something is following him without being able to get rid of it.


Since I was 15, people of different ages, backgrounds, and social backgrounds come to me and share their personal stories with me. In a natural way. They just kept coming to me in the bus, in the street, at events. They feel comfortable and indulge themselves easily. And it still happens to me today.

Over the past seven years, I’ve pursued a very simple goal: to bring my love for life stories to my active listening skills to produce powerful and inspiring video content. 

My goal when I accompany entrepreneurs is to help you unveil the 90% of your iceberg submerged … So, it may be time for me to reveal my 90%…

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