After watching a video,
64% of users are more
likely to buy a product online. 

With each of the 3 stages of the video production process, I aim to truly understand what you want to accomplish through the use of video, how you envision connecting with your desired target audience and how we can make this a reality through the video products I create on your behalf. And we can make the production process itself a simple or complicated one, based on your goals and your budget. Below is an overview of my creative process that will hopefully help you understand what is involved in creating video content.

The goal here is to identify your needs, develop a core message that meets those needs, and build the story around that message.

We then move towards developing art directions, casting interviewees (clients, employees, partners, owners), and location scouting for the film.

The production schedule is finalised.

Everybody is on-location for interviews and B-roll (the video footage that supports the story). Everything that has happened up to this point is to make principal photography go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Communication between all parties is crucial during the shoot and the production must maintain a full set of records and strive to remain on time and on the budget.

Editing is the process of purposefully composing the footage we’ve acquired in a way that shapes your message and powerfully tells your story.

Once the edit is approved, we will consider the edit “picture-locked” meaning no further changes are expected, and we can add the finishing touches such as colour correction, colour grading, sound design, audio mastering, visual effects, and graphics to bring your project to the next level.


I am Wissame Cherfi, creative director and video editor. Since 2012, I have been focusing my work on cinematic corporate films developing an easy production process for my clients and my approach targets effectively your needs. 

  • Multi-skilled video producer, specialised in creating online video content.
  • Five years experience independently managing video projects from start to finish, as well as working with a crew as a Director, Assistant Director, DOP and Editor.
  • Background working on fashion season campaigns, short documentaries, event videos,  interviews, corporate videos, music videos and PR campaigns.
  • Speak fluently English, French, Spanish.
  • Available anywhere in the world for your project.

I work for big brands, agencies and entrepreneurs to create compelling and engaging stories. The clients I work for include:



The time and effort that goes into the preparation of story, locations, scheduling, props, etc.


Does your project requires one video person or more crew members, half-day (6h) or full day (12h)


Editing the video footage, iterating different versions with the client, creating visual effects, color grading, audio mastering.


Travel, accommodation, custom music score, equipment hire. All the costs around the process of production and post-production.


Production / Filming0

Post-Production Process0

Additional Costs0

Let’s work together.

Don’t be afraid to tell me about your project’s timeline and budget. I am straightforward with my abilities and pricing, and knowing where you are coming from helps me hit the target.