Wissame Cherfi, Filmmaker | Writer | Storyteller | Video Editor | The Process of Making a Video
Filmmaker based near Geneva available anywhere in the world for projects.
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What is involved in creating video content?

From my experience in communicating and working with clients, I understand that it is difficult to get a clear image of what is involved in the video production process.
With each of these 3 steps of my creative process described below, I aim to truly understand what you want to accomplish through the use of video, how you envision connecting with your desired target audience and how we can make this a reality through the video products I create on your behalf.

  • Identify your needs
  • Find a story and a strong character
  • Structure the story to emotionally connect your audience
  • All crew members are on location
  • Film the elements needed to tell the story
  • Remain on time and on the budget
  • Edit the footage
  • Colour correction/grading, audio mastering
  • Export and deliver the videos

How is the budget calculated in the process of making a video?

When you decide to make a video, it is a huge investment of time and money from your side.
I have broken down the distribution of the budget in four key parts, each of them can be adjusted according to your budget and timeline.




Additional Costs0


The time and effort that goes into finding the character, the story, scouting locations, scheduling, props, etc.


Does your project requires one video person or more crew members, half-day (6h) or a full day (12h) filming


Editing the video footage, iterating different versions with the client, graphics, colour grading, audio mastering


Travel, accommodation, custom music score, equipment hire. All the costs around the process of production and post-production.

Let’s check what my clients have to say about our collaborations.

My current and previous clients reviewed working with me. It will not replace your experience working with me to get your own idea, but I guess it will help have a feel for the reasons some other people liked collaborating with me.
Obviously, I have hidden all the ones that did not get the level of praises expected. Only joking.


If your question is not showing up below, feel free to get in touch.

What videos can you make?
I have worked on feature documentaries, short documentaries, fashion season campaigns, event videos,  interviews, corporate videos, music videos, videos for social networks (IGTV, Instagram Stories, etc) and PR campaigns. The sky is the limit.


What is your role in the process?
I am specialised in visual storytelling and creating online video content, independently managing video projects from start to finish, as well as working with a crew as a Director, Assistant Director, Director Of Photography and Editor. But if you ask me what I prefer the most: directing.


What kind of clients are you working with?
Any really. From entrepreneurs to big brands and everyone in between. My favourite clients are the ones who take risks, are great communicators, and whose confidence in the value of their product translates to trust in their collaborators. 


How much does it cost?
The short answer is: it depends. It depends on so many factors – the breakdown of the video process is available above – that you should get in touch with your idea, the objectives you want to reach, an intro about your brand and I will be able to quantify the amount of work and the budget necessary for it.


What is so special about your approach?
My approach is focusing on the story first, starting from your objectives and reverse engineer the best way to connect with your audience. If the story is strong and everyone agrees on the outcomes, then we can discuss the equipment that would best support the story. To do so, I bring to projects my personalised and almost, scientifical approach to storytelling and how it can be used effectively to reach your objectives. I am also very aware of the ‘business’ side of what we are doing. I studied marketing, communication, PR, sales and languages. We speak the same language.

Let’s start the discussion about your project.

Don’t be afraid to tell me about your project’s timeline and budget.
I am straightforward with my abilities and pricing, and knowing where you are coming from helps me hit the target.

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